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Events in year 2021

We regret to inform you that we had to cancel ZodiaCon 2021. The reasons are obvious - the global coronavirus epidemic and restrictions on events and travel imposed by various governments, including the Czech one.

ZodiaCon was supposed to start two months from now (at end of May). If it was to happen, we would need to start the preparations immediatelly. We don't think it's responsible to start the preparations, registration and payments and then scrape the entire thing and issue refunds.

We are monitoring the situation and we plan to organize some kind of event, even out of the usual ZC/TFM schedule, as soon as possible. We will keep you informed via this web site, mailing list and the official Telegram channel. You can also join the Zodiacon Chatroom group there.


ZodiaCon is international furry convention, being held since 2011 in Czech Republic.

The name of event is derived from the celestial zodiac, which can be literally translated to Czech language as "the circle of animals". The circle symbolizes that every furry is welcome, of every species, age, sex, sexual orientation, nationality... Every year has its own mascot, derived from zodiac sign.

The con is bilingual. All official announcements and virtually all SIGs are held both in Czech/Slovak and English.


TechFurMeet isn't your ordinary furry con. It's intended for (not only) furry makers and creators. The content is technical, usually about electronics, microcontrollers, programming and computers.

TFM was born as an technological offshot of ZodiaCon. In 2016 the con topic was cyberpunk, so we decided to show attendees how it works in real life and prepared Arduino workshop for them. The interest was so big we decided to organize smaller, specialized convention. Inaugural year 2017 was attended by 29 participants from five countries. Since then the attendance grew to 50 furries and non-furries alike.

The con is bilingual. All official announcements and virtually all SIGs are held both in Czech/Slovak and English.

Who is ZodiaCon?

ZodiaCon is also name of non-profit society, who organizes the event. For official information, see record in the official registry maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

You can contact us using the following e-mail address: info​@​zodiacon​.​org.